October, 2015: Panoramic View of West Haven Golf & Country Club House (Picture taken by Mike Wibbing) 
We meet at West Haven Golf & Country Club every first and third Thursday morning of the month at 7:30am. 
Join us for a hot breakfast and awesome speakers in the company of friends overlooking one of the most beautiful locations in London. 

 1st Prize ( value $1000 ) 

Beth Cormier & Peter Chiacchia
Toronto Entertainment Package
2 train tickets 
2 tickets to “Annie”
hotel accommodations
2nd Prize ( value $200 )
Trudy Fratschko
London Entertainment Package
dinner for 2
2 tickets Grand Theatre
“Imagine, The Music of John Lennon”
Hello Hyde Park Rotarians,
Our club will be reserving tables of 8 for the East Coast Kitchen party on May 11. I have heard from 7 members and have reservations for 14 people plus Rick and me. Is there anyone else who will be attending on May 11 as part of our group? (We are not asking for money yet.)
At the next East Coast Kitchen planning meeting we are getting estimates of our numbers. Thanks,
Rotary Local Lager Fundraising Beer Q&A

Q: Who is Wellington Brewery?
A: Wellington Brewery is one of Canada’s original craft brewers. Founded in 1985 in Guelph, ON, Wellington Brewery crafts award-winning beers in small batches using the freshest all-natural ingredients.

Q: What is Rotary Local Lager?
A: Rotary Local Lager is a crisp and refreshing lager brewed with 100% Canadian barley and wheat malt. Inspired by traditional German light lagers, this delicious beer is craft brewed and lagered to perfection.
Q: How is the product being delivered?
A: The product will arrive at Beer Stores through their distribution system. For events requiring a larger quantity, please email sarah@wellingtonbrewery.ca with 2 weeks advance notice, and we can attempt direct delivery if we have a truck nearby. All beer ships in 24 units of 473 mL cans.
Q: How is Rotary Local Lager sold?
A: Cans are sold in single units $3.10, 6x473-$18.00,
Q: How to I make sure there is adequate supply at my local beer store?
A: Be knowledgeable of the Beer Store manager, ask for product availability, and communicate events with sarah@wellingtonbrewery.ca
Q: What’s in it for Rotary? How does my club benefit?
A: For every can of Local Lager sold, 20 cents per can flows to local clubs signed on to the project" and 10 cents to RI targeted to water filtration projects
Q: How do I subscribe?
A: Fill out the Wellington Brewery Distribution Request Form, email to sarah@wellingtonbrewery.ca.
An invoice will be sent for the listing fees ($242.92 or $570.88 depending on the location of the store, and subject to change with Beer Store changes).
Once payment is received to Wellington Brewery, the listing will be activated and Beer will get to the shelf. The sponsoring club needs to be incorporated and should hold liability insurance.
Q: How can I help drive sales?
A: Keep this Lager in your fridge. Talk about the joint venture with friends and family. Promote the use of this product at Rotarian Events and Meetings.
Although the event is sold out, interested individuals do have the option of :
  • Having the name placed on the wait list by contacting Doug Lynds <dlynds@rogers.com>  and/or by
  • Purchasing a raffle ticket or tickets that support our approved local projects- including the highly successful DICTIONARY project, in which our club provides grade 3 students with a personal dictionary. For the 2017-18 Rotary year, the Rotary Club of London-Hyde Park distributed a total of 874 dictionaries to 17 schools plus to Sherwood Library.
The world is zeroing in on the end of polio — by stopping people at bus stops, airports and train stations
Children get the polio vaccine in their house in Kabul. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only countries that saw new cases last year.

Children get the polio vaccine in their house in Kabul. Afghanistan and Pakistan are the only countries that saw new cases last year.  

(TOMAS MUNITA / The Associated Press)

This year will likely be the last to see new cases, and only in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It’s a huge step toward official eradication, which has only ever happened once before.

When Ramesh Ferris was born in southern India in 1979, there were an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 new cases of polio being recorded around the globe each year.

At 6 months of age, he became one of them.

“The polio virus paralyzed my legs,” he says.

Then, two things happened that were tantamount to miracles, says Ferris, who would become an activist in the fight against the disease.

“I came to Canada, where I received corrective surgery … and learned to walk for the first time at the age of three and a half,” says Ferris, who was adopted at age 2 by Anglican bishop Ron Ferris of the Yukon.

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