Jul 20, 2023
Hendrikus Bervoets
Art for AIDS International (originally called Artists International Direct Support)

The Rotary Club of London Hyde Park welcomes Hendrikus Bervoets, an internationally recognized artist and the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Art for AIDS International.

Speaker's Bio

Originally from the Netherlands, Hendrikus has spent over 40 years in Canada combining his passion for art and design, with a desire to improve community health and the lives of young people.

Before co-founding Art for AIDS International (originally called Artists International Direct Support) in 2001, Hendrikus was President of Bervoets Environmental Consulting Ltd. (1980-2000), a firm specialising in architectural design and environmental consulting for health and community-oriented spaces including hospitals and special care units, retirement facilities, and community centres.

Hendrikus has served as the President of the Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs of Ontario (1991-1997) and on the Board of Directors for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund Canada (2002-2005).

Between 2006-2008 Hendrikus facilitated a course at Kings University College at the University of Western Ontario in the Social Justice and Peace Studies department, entitled Art and the Social Conscious.

Hendrikus continues to actively practice as an artist, building on a career that’s spanned four decades and has included notable one-man exhibits in public and private galleries across Canada, and participation in international print-portfolios including the Johannesburg Biennale, The Levee: an International Print Portfolio, and the Artists International Direct Support Portfolio. His work is included in public and private collections internationally including at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

Hendrikus studied visual arts at the University of Western Ontario.