Carl Silke, Doug Lynds, Afeez Ajibowu, Lillian Reid

1. Welcome

 Afeez was welcomed as a new committee member for 2019-20.

2. Budget 

The Vocational Services budget, approved by the general membership, was reviewed.

3. Dictionary Project

Doug indicated that our club will distribute 875 dictionaries to Grade 3 students in 16 schools.
Doug indicated that he may be looking for someone to help him in running the program in 2020-21.

4. Citizenship Awards

Carl will attend the St Andre Bessette awards evening Oct 10 to present our $500 Citizenship Award to Caity Bartlam.
We will present similar awards at Banting and Oakridge during their graduation ceremonies in the spring of 2020. Carl will be looking for volunteers from the committee to attend these two events.

5. Adventure in Citizenship in Ottawa - April 2020

Carl will handle the paperwork and make the initial contact at Banting for the selection of a student there to attend the annual Adventure in Citizenship in Ottawa. We will follow the usual procedure of interviewing, with a Banting staff member, a number of students and selecting a candidate to attend.
We will need a couple of committee members to take part in the interview. Carl will advise in the new year when the committee member names are needed.

6. RYLA Seminar for Tomorrow’s Leaders at Western - May 2020

The committee decided to send one student from Oakridge and one from St. Andre Bessette to the seminar this coming year. Carl will approach the staff at St. Andre about becoming involved.

7. Elementary School Involvement

We will donate $300 to Wilfrid Jury again this year to be spent as the school sees fit.
We will also continue to support the Junior Achievement Economics for Success program in the amount of $500.

8. A Book for Every Child Nov 02 - Dec 14 2019

The London Public Library runs A Book for Every Child Project during the Christmas season each year. As in the past, we have $100 in the budget to spend on new books.
Afeez has agreed to coordinate this project for our club this year. In the past we have asked individual club members to consider buying new books for needy children and bring them in so that they can be donated as a package to the project. Afeez will remind the club members at a regular meeting about this project.

9. Donations

Bating DARE Project - Our club donated $1 000 to the Banting DARE leadership program which was held last weekend. Sheldon Hines was invited to be one of the speakers who kicked off the program activities.
London Unemployment Help Centre - Our club will continue to support the London Unemployment Help Centre with a donation of $100 this year.

10. District Literary Award

Our club, having completed 10 literacy projects last year, received a District 6330 Literacy Award for 2018-19.
We hope to receive this Award again in 2019-20.