Neil Holt thanks our speaker, Jannalee Anderson, for her presentation on a significant water project in Honduras bringing fresh water to 2,200 residents of two remote villages.  Jannalee gave us a wonderful presentation on the importance of implementing sustainable projects that become self-sustaining rather than generating co-dependency and entitlement that robs the beneficiaries of their self-worth, initiative and independence.  Jannalee's presentation is available for viewing from the file download section of our home page.  For more information on this project visit the CRCID website at:
Project Synopsis:
  • Impact Water Ministries (implementing organization)
  • Beneficiaries (sweat equity);
  • Rotary (funding & oversight):
    • Rotary club of Tegucigalpa
    • Rotary club of Calgary West
    • Rotarian Action Group for Micro-credit (RAGM)
    • The Rotary Foundation (TRF)
    • Canadian Rotary Collaboration for International Development (CRCID)
  • Opportunity International Canada (coordination & management)
  • Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (funding)
Two Sustainable Village Water Projects
  • Design and construct 2 water systems (one gravity-fed; one well drilled) in two very rural villages in Honduras
  • Design and construct water storage tanks and transportation / distribution systems
  • Set up and train Water Management Committee in both target communities
Expected Impact and Outcomes:
  • Water Projects in rural Honduras: 
    • over 2200 people (including households and schools in the village) to receive fresh, pure, safe, and sustainable water directly to their doorstep
    • time saving (especially for the women) of 20% of their day (since they no longer need to spend time walking back and forth to their original water source)
    • positive health impacts over time (from switching from using contaminated water to a fresh and pure source)
    • leadership development as per training in the Village Water Committees