Posted by Barbara Robins on Jun 07, 2019
2019 WTFP Planning Committee Members:
Yesterday when Lillian and I were working out a date for our get together, it became apparent that when we added in the folks who had helped but not been part of the planning committee that we would be wiser to expand the invitation to all members and their spouses/partners.
The one draw back is that we have to have a rain date, as we can only accommodate 16 in the house-in the event of rain.


As a result, we have set aside 

Saturday, June 29th


Sunday, June 30th(rain date)

beginning at 4 pm. 

As in the past, we hope everyone will once again bring something to share as well as any alcohol you may want to drink. Bill and I will look after tables, chairs, dishes, cutlery and large BBQ as well as coffee, water and lemonade. Am also hoping that we have volunteers to do the barbecuing. The Board has agreed to cover the cost of meat patties and buns for burgers. Lillian has said that she will look after organizing the food.  
Details will come later. Just need you to set aside the date. Sure wish we could count on the weather, but 2019 has not been cooperative thus far. 
You have been a fantastic committee to work with. It is so reassuring to know that when people take on  jobs, that they will follow through. Thank you.