WANTED: A Deserving Student to receive US$30,000 Global Grant Scholarship


The primary consideration of the Global Grant Scholarship Grant is to forge a link between Rotary and future skilled professionals within one of six areas of focus. The successful candidate will receive a Global Grant Scholarship, valued at $30 000 USD to fund one year graduate-level study at a university outside of Canada or the United States in 2016-17, leading to a career in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus.

Deadlines to receive 2016-17 Global Grant Scholarship applications: Local Rotary Club: November 15, 2015; District Chair: November 30, 2015

Scholarships may not be used for studies that are already underway. Global Grant Scholarship candidates must:
  • Have completed an undergraduate degree by the time the scholarship period begins
  • Be citizens of a country in which there is a Rotary club
  • NOT be Rotarians, honorary Rotarians or closely related to a Rotarian. Rotaractors and former youth exchange students are eligible and encouraged to apply- provided they meet all other eligibility criteria.
  • Submit an application through a local Rotary club in the applicant’s legal or permanent residence or place of full-time study or employment
  • Live in the host district during scholarship year
  • Be proficient in the native language of the host country
An ideal Global Grant Scholarship candidate:
  • Possesses excellent leadership skills and potential
  • Is interested in a field of study that has a direct impact on the humanitarian needs of the world in one of the following six areas of focus:
    • Ø Peace and conflict prevention /resolution
    • Ø Disease prevention and treatment
    • Ø Maternal and child health
    • Ø Basic education and literacy
    • Ø Water and sanitation
    • Ø Economic and community development
  • Has demonstrated a personal commitment to community service
  • Has well-defined and realistic goals, maturity and sense of purpose
  • Has concrete ideas as to how he/she will make advances within his/her chosen career field
  • Is sincere about maintaining a relationship with Rotary after the scholarship period
  • Global Grants Scholar Application
  • Rotary Foundation Global Grant Scholarships – Terms and Conditions
2. Contact the 2015-16 District 6330 Scholarship Subcommittee Subcommittee Chair: Hala Jawad, RC of London-Lambeth at: hjawad@rogers.com