Posted by Peter Rozeluk on Feb 15, 2019
Saturday, February 23rd
Fellow Rotarians,
I know that all of us donate a considerable amount of time and money to charities and our favourite causes, and I know that collectively our club supports Mission Services of London, as do some of you individually. 
As a Rotarian, I try to be careful in promoting and fundraising for an organization other than our club, but I do have a fundraising request related to my participation in the Coldest Night of the Year walk, occurring a week tomorrow.  This walk is being held in 135 locations across Canada.
After a 6 year hiatus and 2 successful hip replacement surgeries I’m ready to joint thousands of walkers across Canada.
My fundraising goal is modest.
The money I raise will support Mission Services of London which provides valuable services in our community for our neighbours who are experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.
I'm emailing to ask you to consider, if you are able and if you are so inclined, sponsoring me on Saturday, February 23rd.

Please click the secure link below and click on my name to give online on my personal fundraising page - your donation will be receipted immediately.


Click HERE


Thank you so much.


Last year, over 21,000 walkers across Canada joined this event raising just under $5 million dollars.