Club Sponsored Puppet Show a Success
Between 1:30 pm and 2:15 pm on Saturday November 14th 32 children and 9 parents were enthralled with the story of the Frog Prince as told through live puppet theatre.  This classic fairy tale about the consequences of not being nice to others (the prince was mean to the witch who turned him into a frog); the importance of keeping a promise even though you may not want to keep it (the princess had to kiss the frog); and, the possible reward for keeping the promise (the frog turns back into a prince and having learned his lesson apologized to the witch & the princess gets to marry the handsome prince because she kept her promise).  
The show encouraged interaction between the characters and the audience with many of the children shouting out instructions & the characters responding.  Most of the children left their seats and sat/laid on the carpet close to the puppet theatre stage.  The entire show was very entertaining - even for the adults in the audience.
Phil Arnold, the creator and performer of this performance of The Frog Prince is available through the Puppetworks website at: and by email at:
(Image Above) The frog retrieves the Princess' gold ball from the well after she has promised to invite him to dinner, allow him to sleep at the foot of her bed, and give him a kiss the following morning.