President Elect Lillian models the "Light Up Rotary" hockey sweater as she stands beside our club's banner at the Rotary club of London's historical display at Fanshawe Pioneer Village that was officially opened on Saturday March 21, 2015 by the President of Rotary International, Gary Huang, to kickoff Rotary Family Day.
There were several members of our club present, some of whom helped with the parking, including: Lillian; Barb; Myung-Joon; David Knoppert; Fran; Reinhold; and, Kevin.  The weather was very cool with light snow flurries; so, the parking attendants were very appreciative of the hot breakfast and coffee.
RI President Gary Huang and his wife Corinna tour the historical display with Fanshawe Pioneer Village curator, Shanna Dunlop who did a magnificent job displaying all of the Rotary club of London's artifacts.
Fran enjoys her pancake and sausage breakfast in the village cafe.  The Rotary club of Grand Bend did the cooking with all proceeds from the breakfast being donated to Polio.