Rotary Club of London Hyde Park
Reaches out to Ebola victims in Liberia
London, October 28, 2014
The Rotary club of London Hyde Park is supporting the Rotary club of Monrovia, Liberia Ebola Response project by launching a $10,000 fundraising initiative.
Rotary Club of Monrovia's photo.
Image:  The Rotary Club of Monrovia donatedUS$800 to Liberian Nursing Association to support their Ebola awareness efforts.
The Ebola epidemic is devastating to a small country like Liberia (43,000 sq miles with a population of about four million, Monrovia is the capital and only city). People are quarantined when Ebola is present reducing their access to essential supplies; food, water, cooking coal etc. When an Ebola patient dies their home and the structure must be sterilized which includes the burning of all fabric.  Most of these people are already desperately poor, and this has the effect of making them destitute. The situation is creating many orphans, who require care, as well as a need for interim homes for children whose parents are in isolation wards. Many of the hospitals, already overstretched, find themselves only accepting Ebola patients, so normal medical care is now very restricted due to lack of facilitiesWomen and children are often turned away, maternity services are suffering badly, and the hospitals treating Ebola patients are overcrowded and understaffed. They often refuse admission which results in people being turned away and therefore putting others at even more risk. People have been traumatized, especially those who survived the Ebola virus. Survivors are often not accepted back by their families and/or communities.  
Image:  Orphans of Ebola Are Being Ostracized by Cautious Relatives  (PASCAL GUYOT/Getty Images)
The Rotary club of Monrovia is working directly with the local Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to enhance support for Ebola patients, health workers and support personnel. The Monrovia club is requesting monetary donations in order to buy locally available items, supply needed transport, track potential cases, and support reintegration into the community. The needs are far beyond the capacity of their Government, and the tracking of potential victims is a vital factor in controlling this terrible virus.
Kevin Webb, the Public Relations Director for the Hyde Park Rotary club stated: “As a Global service club organization, we have the opportunity and responsibility to help our fellow Rotarians in Liberia combat this deadly disease to not only save lives in Liberia but potentially throughout the world.” 
The Rotary club of London Hyde Park has jump started the fund with a $500 donation towards this project and is urging other Rotary clubs and individuals to also contribute. 100% of the donations received (less bank expenses to transfer the funds to the dedicated project bank account) will be sent to the project. Once the Ebola epidemic is contained, the world and many Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) will move on to the next crisis.  Rotary will remain to assist the country rebuild its healthcare system and provide long term help to re-establish the lives of those affected.  
To Donate:
Rotary club of London Hyde Park
“Ebola Response Project”
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For More information contact:
Kevin Webb, PR Director
Rotary club of London Hyde Park
(519) 473-3271
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