University of Western Rotaractors Presentation on Current Projects 
Rotaractors Sophia, Rush and Liam pose with Rotarian Kevin after being thanked for their presentation and presented with a limited edition book, CDs, DVDs, and bracelets from the Canadian Rotary Centennial Project: Building a School in Afghanistan.  An extremely successful and sustainable project allowing up to 4,000 Afghan boys and girls attend school each year.  
Sophia, Rush & Liam informed our membership about the projects the University of Western Rotaract club have ongoing.  These include the "Day of Giving", "Volunteer Chain"; "Global Health Symposium"; and, "Juvenile Diabetes Camp".  The club includes 300 current members but due to the rigours of attaining a university education the number of active participants varies according to availability.
Members from our club were invited to participate in a new Rotaract Club initiative called "Rotaract/Rotarian" Dinners, which could be considered a rudimentary mentoring initiative.  It provides an opportunity for a Rotaractor and a Rotarian to get to know each other better in a one-on-one situation over dinner,lunch, breakfast or simply a coffee.  For example, a Rotarian who has a professional career in international development would be paired with a Rotarian with similar interests and possibly in an international relations program.  For more information go to: