Club Member David Knoppert Speaks about Volunteer Medical Mission to Dominican Republic
image above: AG Sue Storie; David Knoppert; President Lillian Reid; Guest Rotarian & Medical Mission Coordinator Jean Aitchison (R/C Festival City, Stratford)
Banner Exchange during R/C of Sosua, DR meeting
David Knoppert, our club member who joined the volunteer medical mission to the Dominican Republic organized by the Rotary club of Festival City Stratford spoke about the 13 day trip (October 29th - November 10th) as their pharmacist.  He was joined by the team leader, Jean Aitchison from the Rotary club of Festival City. 
He spoke about the squalid living conditions (see image below); poverty; and, the lack of basic health care in the community.
Village of Sosua, DR
The mission was successful in completing it mandate by:
  • seeing 1200 registered patients over 5 days;
  • providing fluoride treatment to an Additional 500 children not registered;
  • Filling between 1500 and 2500 prescriptions;
  • Providing an additional 2,500 medications (vitamins, Tylenol)
The most common ailments were Diabetes, high blood pressure, vaginal infections, GI upset, headache
Patients line up waiting to be seen 
Patients being 'triaged" to identify ailments
David found the trip exhilarating and exhausting while recognizing this mission was just a drop in the ocean for the community suffering from extreme poverty without many of the basics of life - education; proper water & sanitation; housing; employment opportunities; and, basic health care.