Hyde Park Welcomes Lloyd Henry "the bear" Parker
On Tuesday Lloyd Henry(LH) "the bear" Parker was introduced to his new community of Hyde Park by Sue and Rick Storie.  As you may recall LH was presented to our club by DG Diane at her official visit on October 6th with instructions to help him "do good' by involving him in our club activities during this Rotary year. 
It is anticipated that LH will be part of the upcoming Community Mayor's Breakfast and he has already indicated he will attend "The Scrooge Diary" fundraising event.
Lloyd Henry Resting on the Rotary Sign on Hyde Park Road
Lloyd Henry Taking a Rest after Hiking the Rotary Link Trail in Hyde Park
Lloyd Henry at the Entrance to West Haven Golf & Country Club
He is hoping there aren't any height and fur restrictions to golf at West Haven as he is eagerly waiting for the 2017 golfing season.