Posted by Barbara Robins on May 25, 2019
Please let me know if you plan to attend our debrief for the 2019 WTFP set for this Thursday, May 30th at 7pm at my place….
As mentioned earlier we need to determine:
  • What to keep
  • What to discard
  • What to tweak   if we hold a sixth WTFP next year.
I have asked for suggestions from Diane Knoppert and Sheldon Hines as well as from West Haven. 
I have tentatively booked Saturday, April 18, 2020 in the event that the committee, the board and the club agree to hold a sixth event next year.
West Haven has requested that we go back to 120 guests and have 6 courses including dessert.  
If we recommend holding a sixth WTFP with the suggestions for improvement, we need to include: 
  • Country to celebrate
  • Names of people who are willing to serve on the planning committee for a 2020 event ( Diane Knoppert is considering joining the committee.)
Look forward to seeing as many of the committee as possible on Thursday.
Once we have met, I will prepare a report to be sent to the board and to be presented to the club for consideration…hopefully at our June 6th breakfast meeting.
Thanks everyone for all your work. As in the past we will plan for a BBQ here later in June to celebrate.