Posted by Henry Vergeer on Nov 07, 2019
  1. Discuss Global Financial Payments (Online) - Neil
  • $19.99 / month & $0.15 / transaction

  1. Update on Nov 2 Vibrant Club Meeting – David & Erich
  • Erich will discuss with Barbara for the guest cards and packages.
  • Erich suggested to have more time for speakers by reducing time for club announcement
  • Neil suggested doing about five minutes of new member’s Rotary stories and happy bucks in the beginning of the meeting.
  • Erich keeps working on developing prospect list, club’s goals to present to the club soon.
  • Information about getting some major funding for a project is listed on Rotary District website.
  1. ‘Large” Project Proposal – Global Grant – David
  • If our club is in favor of putting USD 10,000 for Nicaragua’s stove project, the combination of the global grant and the federal government grant can be around USD 60,000.

  • The detail information will be presented by David to the club at the next club meeting.

  1. District Grant Proposal for Next Year – David
  • David suggests that our club commits about USD1.200 for a pilot project, English literacy in Nicaragua for a year before applying for District Grant.  

  1. Vocational Services Report - Carl
  1. Vulnerable Persons Protection – Discuss today’s presentation by Claire Sherwin. New Club Officer required - All.
  •  No update for now
  1. Hyde Park Santa Claus Parade - All 
  • Henry will discuss with Steve for more details.
  1. Aeolian Hall Project and develop detailed final application – All
  • No update for now

  1. Hyde Park Tree Planning Project and develop detailed final application – All
  • Business Improvement association is waiting for input from Parkway.

  1. Disaster Relief – Hurricane Dorian.  Payment Processing needs to be finalized
  • $1.000 has been approved by membership.