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12 Hour Ball Wacking on July 24th
West Haven Golf & Country Club
Jul 24, 2019
7:30 AM – 8:00 PM
Nine and Dine 2019 Save the Date
West Haven Golf & Country Club
Aug 21, 2019
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12 Hour Ball Wacking  on July 24th

Marathon of Goodwill


Thank you for volunteering to help out

as we raise funds for COMMIT'd work in Nicaragua.



  • Placing Balls will means exactly that, possibly 500 or more an hour. 

  • Recording will involve keeping a copy of the number of balls that are hit. I will prepare Recording Sheets for next week. 

  • Oversight is to make sure that everything is going along fine, possible problem solving, possible speaking to the press (if anyone shows up).

  • Clothing - West Haven is a private golf club. Please wear appropriate attire. No cutoffs, jeans, muscle shirts, etc. If you are in doubt, please ask me.

  • Bring a lawnchair and lots of sunscreen.

  • BBQ - West Haven will prepare a BBQ (probably hamburgers and salad) which we will be able to enjoy on the outdoor patio at 7:30.

    • The cost is $20 (incl tax and gratuity). Please let me know by Fri July 19th if you will be attending the BBQ.

    • Please pay me directly and I will take care of the bill from the club.

  • Drinks, snacks, lunch - these will all be available at the Member Lounge. You may pay with credit card.

  • Hitting - if you would like to hit for an hour on the mat, please let me know and I will slot you into the schedule (attached).

  • Students - I am sure that there will be things for them to do to help out if some of them use this opportunity to volunteer.

  • Shopping - there is a mall about 10 minutes away at the SE corner of Hyde Park Rd and Fanshawe Park Rd 


If anyone has a large, battery operated clock, please let me know.

  • There are lots of spaces for hitting, so just let me know (esp Jo-Anne and Mark) and I will add you in.

    • You may come as early as you wish, but I do not expect things to be overly entertaining for you (until near the end of the day when I expect to be exhausted).

    • Please bring a lawn chair.You may purchase food and drinks at the members' lounge, which is about 3 minutes away from the range.

  • Please let me know if you plan to stay for the BBQ at 7:30pm. 

    • Cost is $20 pp. Please pay me directly.

    • So far the following people will attend the BBQ : Malcolm, Carl, Mike, Doug, Rick,Bev, David

  • I need to ideally know by Mon if you plan to attend the BBQ at West Haven.

  • Bev will be the Official COMMIT Photographer, starting early afternoon.

  • It will be important to record the beginning of the Marathon (Mike Rosser) and the end (Janice Rauser).


Please take lots of pictures and videos in addition to what Bev will be doing.

This will be important for future advertising BOTH for COMMIT and The Rotary Club of London Hyde Park.

Thanks for all of your support. Should be a fun and memorable day.




Deb and Joanne from Kindness Cookies

Kindness Matters

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Nine and Dine 2019 Save the Date on Aug, 21


Wednesday, August 21st 2019

at beautiful West Haven Golf & Country Club 

Choices for golf

18 holes + Dinner     $175      , Time to be arranged 

        9 holes + Dinner       $125        Shotgun start......  3:30pm

            Dinner alone           $60                                ........ 6:30pm


(You do not have to be a golfer to play) 

Gourmet Buffet Dinner

Fabulous Draw for Three Wine/Beer/Cheese Gift Baskets! $300 Value!


Proceeds to Wellspring London Cancer Support Centre to complete the registration.

Russell Hampton
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