The Rotary Club of London Hyde Park In the beginning...


History was made on Thursday, January 16, 1997, when a group of business and professional men and women met at the FOUR SEASONS RESTAURANT at the corner of Fanshawe Park Road and Hyde Park Road and voted unanimously to create the Provisional Rotary Club of London-Hyde Park.
Listening attentively are left to right: Bill Ashby (London East extension committee rep), Paul Traher, John Ashby, Myung-Joon Kang, unknown business person, Peter Rozeluk (foreground).
Under the guidance of PDG John J Eberhard (RC of London), special representative of DG Don Prowse , assisted by the local extension committee, consisting of Ken Alexander (London West), Bill Ashby (London East), Eila Milne (London Lambeth) and Jim Thomas (London South), the fledgling Rotary Club of London-Hyde Park was taken under wing to learn about Rotary and to be guided from provisional to official charter club status. Thank you to these special people — from left to right: Bill Ashby, Ken Alexander Sr, Jim Thomas, John Eberhard and Eila Milne.
June 3, 1997 marked the culmination of months of preparation and work by the Provisional Rotary Club of London-Hyde Park, Ontario, Canada, to achieve its goal of becoming a full fledged chartered Rotary club, and in so doing, increase the number of chartered clubs in London to seven.
The actual celebration would not take place for another five months; but happy these original twenty-six newly minted Rotarians were.
Portraits provided by Rotarian Reinhold Scherer ofSPECTR UM STUDIOS.
Ken Alexander Jr         Willy Annaert                  John Ashby               Jim Boertien 
Charter president                                            Charter secretary                                  
Bud Heiser               Greg Houser           Myung-Joon Kang          Mark Laskin
Charter Community                                    
Service Director                                     
      Paul Cox                        Mardi                 Peter Graydon        Lloyd Haywood
Charter vice president       Douglas-Graydon                                                                            
David Mahy              Barbara Robins          Larry Romphf             Peter Rozeluk
Charter sergeant-at-arms                                                    Charter treasurer                                
Fran Eberhard                   Reinhold Scherer                 Paul Traher
    Charter Club Service       Charter Vocational     Charter International
            Director                     Service Director            Service Director
Michael Bate
Dr Robbie Campbell
Barry Carlson
Steve Cauduro
Dr Phil Hayman
Stephen Kashikjian
Frank Sampson